How to Download iTools for Your Windows or Mac?

If you are an iPhone user, you may know how annoying it is to manage an iOS device. Especially, due to the advanced operating system that Apple contains, it is difficult for iOS users to handle the management of iOS devices all by themselves. Therefore, Apple manufacture introduced iTunes for all the management needs that Apple users require. However, later on, alternatives for iTunes came into the web market and iTools download is one of such amazing alternative for iTunes.This article will bring more facts about iTools and how to download iTools. Therefore, keep up reading till the end!

Download iTools

Download iTools vs iTunes

Download iTools and iTunes both perform a similar contribution to iOS users. To say it simply and briefly, both are used to manage all the iOS devices. Though the tasks are similar in both applications, it is obvious that there are some differences in those two applications. Especially, if you want to get a better idea about download iTools, you need to know about iTunes and the differences of it as well.

When concerning iTunes, we can understand that it is a kind of a media store which belongs to Apple Inc. Thus, you do not need to download it separately as it will be an already pre-installed application on your Apple device.

However, since the iTools is only an alternative app to iTunes, you need to download it to your device separately and purchase it from the ThinkSky iTools website.

In addition, iTools is more easy and simple to use than iTunes in iOS devices. Similarly, it can work in Windows devices while it can work with all the types of latest iOS devices as well!

Why should you download iTools?

You already know that Apple has iTunes for its managing needs. If it is so, why do people go and download iTools for their Apple devices by paying money for it? Based on which features you need to download iTools?Let us explore now!


iTools has very simple and fast navigation control than iTunes.Therefore most of the tasks can be completed by just only one click which would be very convenient for users. This will also save the additional time and the efforts that it will take to proceed many steps forward.

No advertisements and no plugins

You know that many applications have troublesome advertisements appear on the screen when you are using them. It will actually de-motivate users from using such applications. However, in iTools download, you will not get any advertisements nor any plugins

Media converter

Downloading iTools, you will get a media converter where it will automatically convert your mp3 files into mp4 format.

Data migrate

Transferring data from or to an iPhone was never an easy task. Even Apple has iTunes, to transfer data via iTunes is a very much complex procedure where users get fed up and give up the process. Yet, now with iTools download, you can easily transfer data between iOS and other devices.

Battery Master

Do you know that iTunes consumes much battery on your iOS device when compared with the iTools download? Yet, iTools has this option which controls the consumption of your battery and increases the performance and the life of your battery.

Already feeling interested to download iTools?

Simply visit the official website of iTunes and download iTools for your iOS device now without hesitation!

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