What is iOS?

iOS was known earlier as the iPhone OS. So, as its name means, it is an operating system for the Apple mobile devices. It can operate all the Apple mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices etc.


This operating system was designed by the Apple Inc. This was specifically designed only to be used with the devices produced and fitted with iOS by the Apple Inc. There are many special features unique to this operating system which makes it stand out among all other mobile OS.

iOS was originally designed in 2007 targeting the new smart device released by the Apple Inc, iPhone. Later with the release of other smart devices such as iPod Touch and iPad, the compatibility of iOS extended to those devices as well.

Applications that can be used with the Apple devices must also be specifically designed to work with the iOS. There are millions of applications designed for the iOS devices. They are available in the Apple’s App Store.

Development Details

The developer of the iOS is the Apple Inc. This is a closed source software designed based on Darwin, Mac OS in C, C++, and Objective-C etc. This was released initially on 29th June 2007 along with the release of the first iPhone in 2007.

iOS user interface is working with direct manipulation by multi-touch gestures. Each of the gesture has its own definition in the iOS context of responses. Apple iOS has a greater range of accessibility features than any other mobile OS.

Latest iOS Versions

The latest version of iOS was released on 9th July 2018 as iOS 11.4.1, which is much advanced and improved than the earlier versions of iOS. In fact, IOS has come a long way since it was released first in 2007. It is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems yet to be released.

iOS 11 is available for most of the recent devices including iPhone 5S or later iPhones, all the latest iPad models including iPad Air, iPod Touch 6th Generation etc.
Apple Inc. recently released the Beta version of the iOS 12. It is still in the developmental stage. But late in this year, the proper version will hopefully be released for the public use.

Personal Assistant – Siri

In almost all the mobile and desktop operating systems, a personal assistant is featured to assist the work of the users in a more interactive and personalized nature. In iOS, Siri is the Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Siri uses the natural language interface to answer and help the users in day to activities as well as supporting in searching stuff, scheduling daily work, reminding tasks and gets adapted to language and usage requirements of every user.


iOS is the second most popular mobile OS today in the market, which is only second to Android OS. According to Apple Inc, they have sold over 1 Billion devices powered by iOS since the release in 2007.

Jail-Breaking iOS

Jailbreaking is the hacking of the iOS to add certain functions and features to the device which are not recommended or restricted by the Apple Inc, which is very popular with many users.

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